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Safety Production Is More Important Than Mount Tai

Sep 11, 2023


In order to further strengthen safety production management, prevent the occurrence of various safety accidents, and ensure a healthier, faster and more harmonious development of Foofon factory, our company held a special meeting on safety production management at 9:00 a.m. on November and equipment department staff attended the meeting.

The staff of the factory first led everyone to learn about the company's various safety production management institutions, the company's various safety production responsibility systems, and the company's various safety production emergency plans.

Combined with the daily operation of Foonfon, Manager Cao, who is in charge of safety production, made key arrangements for emergency response to fire prevention, loss prevention, anti-theft, flood control, and power outages, and put forward his own opinions and suggestions on the use of fire-fighting equipment and standardized service management. At the end of the meeting, Manager Cao gave a speech, summed up the recent situation of safety production management in Foofon, and pointed out that safety production is related to the healthy and harmonious development of the store. All departments and positions have carefully implemented the main responsibility system for safety production, and all departments and positions must vigorously Enhance the awareness of production safety, firmly establish the concept of production safety, and require all positions to conscientiously implement the spirit and content of this special meeting.

Through the special meeting on safety production management at this conference, Foofon positions at all levels have further firmly established the safety awareness of "hidden danger is more dangerous than open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, and safety is more important than Mount Tai, and the main responsibility for safety production has been further improved and implemented. The system has promoted the development of various safety production management work, and effectively ensured the company's rapid, healthy, sustainable and harmonious development.